Hunter Wolfe & ARE to play Bright Box Theater, Winchester

Hunter & ARE Made a new Friend

ARE and I made a wonderful new friend at our show at The National opening for Before You Exit. Jewels loves elephants as much as we do, so we gave her our little stuffed mascot. It was great to meet you Jewels, you brightened up our evening! Thank you for the hug! Looking forward to seeing you at another show soon.
- Hunter Wolfe

Hunter Wolfe & ARE with Fans after Before You Exit Show!

Hunter Wolfe & ARE had a great time opening for Before You Exit at the National in Richmond, VA on 3-30-14. Here are some photo’s Hunter & ARE took with Fans after the show.

Hunter Wolfe & ARE to support Before You Exit

Hunter Wolfe & ARE are ecstatic to be supporting Disney band Before You Exit at the National Theater in Richmond, VA THIS Sunday the 30th.
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Hunter Wolfe & ARE @ The Southern!

Hunter Wolfe & ARE @ The Southern- Charlottesville, VA

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These last two shows… what a Blast!

Hunter Wolfe & ARE had a thrilling time supporting James Durbin (American Idol) and Kelley James in Springfield, VA! What an unforgettable night!

Here is a photo of the Duo with Durbin:

The Duo played the beautiful National Theater in Richmond, VA and performed a new song that features Hunter playing Guitar AND Organ simultaneously! Check out the 15 second clips below.

Hunter Wolfe & ARE to Play FANCON

Hunter Wolfe & ARE have been asked to play FANCON this year! The Duo will be performing at the Convention which is based around hit shows like, Supernatural. All you Supernatural fans check out this Raffle to win a Colt Replica: Enter To WIN the Colt

There is also word that the Duo will be bringing their 67 Impala to FANCON. Dont miss your chance to see Baby!

Hunter Wolfe & ARE @ The Southern Music Hall

Hunter Wolfe & ARE, are very excited to be playing The Southern in Charlottesville, VA w/ The Michael Coleman Band! See you soon, Charlottesville!