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Tour Dates!

March 17th w/ Fighting Jamesons – The National, Richmond – Tickets NOW Available
March 19th w/ Fighting Jameson’s – The Southern, Charlottesville- Tickets NOW Available
April 14th – NJ
April 15th – NJ
April 16th – NJ
April 17th – NYC
April 18th – NYC
April 19th – NYC
June 10th – London, UK
June 11th – London, UK
June 12th – Tunbridge Wells, UK
June 13th – London, UK
June 14th – TBA, UK


We’re back!

Hello Everyone! After several months in the studio, meetings and extensive research, we’re back bigger than ever! And with a new band name!!

To learn the new band name, please follow this link to our facebook page.

Temporary Recording Hiatus

Hunter Wolfe & ARE have been off from touring for a couple months now and have been vigorously writing new music for a brand new album (release date TBA). They will only be playing a select few shows over the coming weeks as they will be in the Studio recording the new record.
The Duo is THRILLED with the new sounds and songs they have been creating and are looking forward to sharing them with the world. Stay tuned right here on Hunter for sneak peak listens, videos of the recording sessions, news, announcements and updates!

Hunter Wolfe & ARE make an appearance in Before You Exits YouTube Video

Hunter Wolfe & ARE can be seen in one of the latest additions of Disney Band’s “Before You Exit” Tour Series Video. If you’re in a hurry you can fast forward to 2:45 to see the Duo hanging out with BYE in the Green Room playing pool. Hunter & ARE supported BYE at the National in Richmond, VA on March 30th 2014. What an incredible show!

Hunter Wolfe & ARE with 7Horse and Brad Savage

Hunter & ARE hung out with the band 7Horse after their private 106.1 The Corner special performance at Wild Wolf Brewing Company. The Duo snapped a photo with Radio Personality Brad Savage and 7Horse just after their performance.

Hunter Wolfe & ARE with a member of the Zombies!

Hunter Wolfe & ARE had the opportunity to meet a member of the incredible British Invasion Band “The Zombies” this year (2014) at Plan 9 Music in Charlottesville, VA when both the duo and The Zombies performed at the store for National Record Store Day.

Hunter Wolfe & ARE to Perform at Winchester Blues House Festival

We are thrilled to announce that Hunter Wolfe & ARE Presented by Dancing Beagle Productions will be performing at the Winchester Blues House Festival July 19th. Renowned Sax Player Ron Holloway and Monster Harp Player Waverly Milor will be joining the Duo on a couple numbers! Get your tickets now!
Buy Winchester Blues House Festival Tickets: Here

Hunter Wolfe & ARE on Amazing Radio, UK

London, UK! Tune in to Amazing Radio Thursday, May 1st at 7:30am BST (2:30am EDT) to hear our single “Hypnotize Me”! Click hear to listen Listen Live